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the North East Region
of the Astronomical League


Announcement: (7/19/13)
DR. KRIS LARSEN wins the 2013 NERAL Walter Scott Houston Award!

Dr. Kris Larsen is maybe best known to most Stellafaners as the person who teaches the Youth Astronomy Program at the McGregor Observatory during the Stellafane Conventions.  I remember back in 1995 when Dr. Larsen first started these Astronomy Activities for Kids on Saturday afternoon with innovative crafts to teach children the constellations.  Over the years she has expanded the program and this year at Stellafane on Friday and Saturday she will be teaching four different one hour classes to children ages 5-12 at the McGregor Observatory on the Solar System, Starhopping, Phases of the Moon, How Telescopes Work and "Phun with Photons" illustrating diffraction and lighting effects.  It is very significant to me that her vision back in 1994 was to bring more children into astronomy - and now already almost 20 years have passed for some of her young students! 
Dr. Larsen is also a highly prized Astronomy Professor at Central Connecticut State University, where she teaches Cosmology, Planetary & Stellar Astronomy, Earth Science and Astrophysics and a course on Contributions by Women to Stellar and Galactic Astronomy. In addition she runs observational programs including her "Night Sky" workshops, Planetarium events, and a "Partners in Science" series for middle school students.   She is particularly known for her very creative methods of incorporating movies, science fiction & fantasy, rock music and popular culture into her educational efforts.  Her books and scholarly writings also strive to bring science into the mainstream to inspire more girls and boys to be scientists in the future. Already she is creating a new history.  Her many writing credits include the books Cosmology 101 and Stephen Hawking: A Biography.

She has also been very active in the AAVSO for many years as a council member, curriculum adviser, solar observer and frequent contributor of articles that are viewable on the AAVSO website.  She recently joined the team as an Assistant Editor for the Astronomical League's 'Reflector' magazine. 

KRIS LARSEN with students at Stellafane

The following is written on the award that will be presented at Stellafane on Saturday, August 10, 2013.

In Recognition of her Distinguished Legacy of creative work in Astronomy Education
as an Astronomy Professor at Central Connecticut State University,

her Contributions to the Youth Astronomy Movement including the Harry Potter Starfinder,
her inspiring Course on “Women’s Contributions to Stellar and Galactic Astronomy,”
as well as her Youth Programs given at the Stellafane Conventions since 1995,
her Accomplishments as an Author of popular level Science Books such as “Cosmology 101”
and “Stephen Hawking: A Biography”,  
her years of Service to the AAVSO as a Council Member and Curriculum Advisor,
and lastly her continued generous Service to the Astronomical League
as a volunteer Assistant Editor of “The Reflector” publication,
we hereby present this award to

Dr. Kristine Larsen

Presented this day, August 10, 2013
at the Stellafane Convention
on Breezy Hill
Springfield, Vermont, USA

On behalf of the North East Region of the Astronomical League, we are very pleased to give this award to this esteemed Astronomy Educator who early on has recognized the need to bring more youth into amateur and professional astronomy.

Congratulations, Kris!
Very sincerely,
Maryann Arrien
Chair: NERAL
The North East Region of the Astronomical League
NERAL Regional Representative: Andy Poniros
NERAL Secretary: Alan Rifkin
NERAL Treasurer: Richard Roberts

The NERAL Annual Business Meeting will be held at Stellafane
Saturday, August 10th at 5:00pm under the Food Tent.
The public is welcome to our meetings.
2013 Stellafane Convention will be held August 8-11 (Thu-Sun)!
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