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the North East Region
of the Astronomical League


ANNOUNCEMENT - August 8, 2016
As of the last NERAL Annual Business Meeting on August 6, 2016

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The 3 previous NERAL Chairs were:
Maryann Arrien (2001-2016)
Richard Sanderson
Paul Valelli


Announcement: (7/30/15)
DENNIS di CICCO wins the 2015 NERAL Walter Scott Houston Award!

Dennis di Cicco's famous award winning photograph of the Sun's analemma in the 1970s was a milestone in his astrophotography career.  A long time Stellafane devotee, he was inspired to build his own backyard observatory which he would put to good use for many decades to come.  He was recognized for his observational talents in 1997 with the Astronomical League's Leslie C. Peltier Award for his significant observations of minor planets, lunar & planetary astronomy, and general astronomy.  In 1978 he was presented the Clifford W. Holmes Award at Riverside Telescope Makers Conference Astronomy Expo for his work popularizing astronomy.

Since then he has gone on to make great contributions as a writer and Senior Editor for CCD Astronomy quarterly and most notably for Sky & Telescope Magazine from 1974 through 2014.  His generosity in sharing his knowledge in articles, equipment test reports, eclipse trips and talks with the amateur astronomy community at clubs and star parties across the country makes him a star on our earthly sphere for which we are extremely grateful.

Dennis' famous Analemma Photo

The following is written on the award that will be presented at Stellafane on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

In Recognition of his Massive Body of Work in Astrophotography since the 1960s,
his Pioneering Work in Tricolor CCD imaging and the Creation of
Sky Publishing’s quarterly publication CCD Astronomy,
his Contributions to Astronomy Education through talks, workshops and eclipse trips,

his many Astronomical Observations of Lasting Significance in Lunar and Planetary Astronomy including his Numerous Asteroid Discoveries in the 1990s,
his ATM articles and Test Reports on Astronomical Equipment,
his Immense Legacy of Popularization of Amateur Astronomy since 1974 as a
Writer and Senior Editor Of Sky & Telescope Magazine,
and his Presence as a Leader in Amateur Astronomy here at Stellafane and beyond
we hereby present this award to

Dennis di Cicco

Presented this day, August 15, 2015 at Stellafane
In fond remembrance of Deep Sky Observer,
Science Writer and ATM Historian,
Walter Scott Houston.

On behalf of the North East Region of the Astronomical League, we are very pleased to give this award to this amateur astronomer, astrophotographer and writer who used the professional world to promote and increase the visibility of astronomy for our community.

Congratulations, Dennis!
Very sincerely,
Maryann Arrien
Chair: NERAL
The North East Region of the Astronomical League
NERAL Regional Representative: Andy Poniros
NERAL Secretary: Alan Rifkin
NERAL Treasurer: Richard Roberts

The NERAL Annual Business Meeting will be held at Stellafane
Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 5:00pm under the Food Tent.
The public is welcome to our meetings.
2015 Stellafane Convention will be held August 13-16 (Thurs-Sun)!
Check out 
http://stellafane.org for details!



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